The Secretaire



Linda Fahie as Earl Marshall

Charlie DeWolfe as John Simmons

Ginny Mendl as Mary Simmons

Josie Mallett as 'young' Robert Simmons

Thea Wilson-Hammond as Ruthie Simmons

Kristy Sanders as Rose Williams

Sheri Scott as Alice Edwards

Chantelle White-Evans as 'older' Robert Simmons

Joan Monk as Kelvin Simmons

Emerson Barnes as Peter Simmons

Jocelynn Pettipas as Carol Mason

Chris Henkelmann as Keith Bergmann

Josie Mallett as Joanne Puds

Norma Kennedy as Stan Taylor

Charlotte Wilson-Hammond as Eileen Jones


Maureen MacMullin -flute

Blair Lopes - keys and vocals

Charlie DeWolfe, Ro Evans & Odette Steeves - guitar and vocals

Tim Lambert and Sheila Livingston - vocals

Playwright - Sue Higgs

Director - Robin Webber and Bobbie Mildenberger

Stage Manager - Bobbie Mildenberger

Stage Hands - Geraldine Evans Dooks and Sue Higgs

Speciality Props & Stage Management - Mark Monk

Sets - Arno Aalbers, Gordon & Charlotte, Rusty Swinehammer

Lights and sound - Robin Webber and Rusty Swinehammer

Promotions and programme - Memory Lane Heritage Village

Website - Ionsign Online Web Design