A Groom's Folly


A Groom's Folly

The Eastern Shore Players presented A Groom's Folly at Memory Lane Heritage Centre on July 9th, 10th & 11th, 2015.  The play was a great success and sold out every night.

The play is set in the 1940s and is about Harry and Lilly's wedding day.  The only problem is, if Lilly's widowed Father has his way, the wedding will not take place.  He is a self-centred man and relies on Lilly to do all his chores as well as work in his shop for next to nothing.  When he's unable to talk her out of the marriage, he resorts to lies in an attempt to discredit the groom, but Lilly doesn't believe him, so he schemes to prevent Harry from showing up at the Church.

Cast Members:

Lilly Buttle - Niko Wilson-Henkelmann                   Edgar Buttle - Joan Monk                          Aunt Myrtle - Ginny Mendl

Aunt Eunice - Kristy Sanders                                  Rose Buttle - Brona Higginbotham           Daisy Buttle - Jessica Coffin

Olive Stillwell - Odette Steeves                               Herb Stillwell - Sheila Livingston               Frank Stillwell - Thea Wilson-Hammond

Harry Brennan - Clarice Bowser                             Uncle George - John Kennedy                  Minister - Norma Kennedy

Beverly - Rowan Wilson-Henkelmann

Special guest appearance Fiddler - Katie Gaetz

Directed by Robin Webber and Written by Sue Higgs